First impression is everything, and at 1 Bloor Street, it is where condo developer – Great Gulf totally failed to do just that, right at the iconic corner of Yonge and Bloor. Here I was at 1 Bloor St last week, the tallest building in Canada, very excited to explore the building amenities and units for the first time, and to show some units to one of my clients.

Alas, my excitement did not last long. I was at the building 30 minutes before my clients showed up to get all the keys from the lockboxes and familiarize myself with the building. The concierge directed me to take elevator E. I went and waited in the hallway next to Elevator E, just one of the 6 elevators for a 76 floor building, when there was already a long line up and wait with another concierge that gave people access to the elevators. As Elevator E wasn’t opening, I went back to the concierge and asked again whether they can give me access to P1.

To tell you the truth, at this point I was already pretty irritated by the whole process from the lineup in the hallway, to the extreme wind noise blasting through the hallway. I was shocked and could not understand how this could be possible. I was wondering how owners, tenants, and the concierge of 1 Bloor could keep calm with all those unnecessary aggravations and disturbances? Long story short, I ended up at P1, where yet another concierge asked me for my business card and RECO licence, and then he directed me to the lockboxes.

Finally, I got the keys I needed for my showings and went back to the lobby to meet with my clients. And here I was again going through the whole process of asking a concierge to get access to the floors. I asked whether I can have an entry fob (as it is usually offered by other buildings in the area) to view three units at the same time, and unfortunately I was told I had to come back each time, and they would give me access each time. It was truly comical to wait in line again and again. It took me an hour and half to show three units in one building, which usually would not take more than 30 minutes! My gracious clients were so frustrated that they suggested me not to bring any more clients to this building, as I might lose them by just showing them this building.

I came home curious to read the reviews about 1 Bloor Street, and that is when I found about the lawsuit, pool leaking, issues with the heating system, brutal fire alarms in the early hours of the a.m, not one free parking spot for residents, visitor parking sold to the retail floors management company. What was the developer of this project thinking? Did they ever consider the damage caused to the community, owners, residents and tenants? How far can the greed for more profit take them?

Here’s my two cents: never buy a pre-construction condo project from a builder/developer who does not have a long lasting history of excellence!

With love and gratitude