Over a month ago, we never thought to be so dependent on the “social human connection”, did we? In fact, we took our human needs for physical touch and interaction for granted! Family gatherings, business meetings, outings with colleagues and friends never seemed to be so pleasant. Our social network from family members, friends, clients, partners, colleagues, teammates and neighbours never seemed to have such an impact on our physical and mental health, did it? 

So much has changed over the course of a month. It feels that physical distancing took over the face-to-face connection and physical contact almost overnight. Some people feel lost in the search for a new social routine. We all experience insecurity, anxiety and lack of focus as we become more distant from people who we live with, do business with, work with, intimate with or are close to. I certainly have experienced the rainbow of emotions during this time, as I am sure you did too.

The truth is we need emotional support, closeness and connectedness to love, belong and share common values through hardship. And we have been put to the test to “virtually” come together during Covid-19.  
Here are 10 tips to enhance our virtual social connections in the era of physical distancing:

  1. Schedule a regular video chat with your circle of family, friends and colleagues. Let’s overuse the video calls as this is the closest we can get to replicate in-person interactions as 80% of our communication is through our body language.
  2. Top up the video chat with spontaneous phone calls specially to our elderly relatives as they are not always very comfortable with newer technology. Our tone of voice says a lot about the state we are in on a given day.
  3. Over communicate with your loved ones via texts and emails. This is the time when “less Is not more”. Let’s bombard each other with good vibes and intentions.
  4. Express your emotions. You will feel better when you release and share some of the emotions you are withholding. We are not alone in this. It’s normal to feel disconnected. If you feel isolated, others in your circle most likely feel the same. 
  5. Find purpose in helping the people around you especially those in need. It could be giving support to a family member or a friend who needs to be quarantined for safety reasons.
  6. Join a dance/exercise group class within your tribe and make each other accountable to show up and have fun together.
  7. Create movie nights by using Netflix Party with your family and friends. 
  8. Create e-group activities such as a book club. Start with “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman to connect to your loved ones at a deeper level during this tough time.
  9. Plan social activities post physical distancing crisis. That could be anything from a luncheon to dinner night, movie night, group hiking, business retreat, family vacation, or simply smoking pot in a circle of friends. Whatever helps. 
  10. Don’t be shy. Say I love you and thank you to your loved ones a million times. Let’s fill our hearts with the abundance of love and gratitude no matter what is happening.

Stay safe to save lives! Stay connected to improve wellness!

With love and gratitude