How You Can Rent Your Next Dream Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Whether you just immigrated to Canada, graduated, found a new job, relocated to Toronto, sold your home, or your landlord sold their home, your term is up, you want to upsize, downsize or change neighbourhood etc, we are all facing the impact of Covid-19 pandemic even if not falling into in the high risk group.

Yes, coronavirus is spreading fast, yet life continues. You still need to find a new home, while taking all the safety precaution during this process.

Now that you have made your decision to find a long term place for you and your family,you need to hire a real estate team specializing in leases in your area of interest. Her/his professional duty to you is to represent you in finding your next dream rental home at the right time, the right place,and at the right price while ensuring your safety.

Your realtor will guide you in preparing all the required documents, filling out the rental application and emailing you the suitable listings. Once you pick out your preferred choices, you don’t need to go and view all of them yourself. Your realtor can preview these homes on your behalf, video record them for you and report back to you.

Once you have narrowed down your top two choices from that selection, then it is the time to go and see them in person. Your realtor can arrange a viewing and finalize the missing details from previous, remote/virtual previews. During showings, take all the mandatory precautions and also make sure your realtor is taking all the same precautions as well.

Make sure to wear a disposable face mask and/or gloves, wash your hands and use sanitizers closest to the entrance door/lobby on your way in and out. Refrain from touching the door handles, light switches and railings. Have your realtor open all doors and turn on and off the lights for you. You are there just to observe, ask questions and make decisions.

Once you have made your choice, you are ready to e-sign the lease agreement to secure your perfect rental home. Make the smart choice. Hire a real estate team who cares about you and your safety and thinks outside of the box, and most importantly delivers the results, no matter what’ is going on around us.

With Love & Gratitude,

34 Dove Lane: Pearl Of Old Thornhill

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We proudly present one of our newest listings: a one of a kind rare pearl in Old Thornhill on Dove Lane.

34 Dove Lane is located in a quiet cul-de-sac neighbourhood in luxurious Thornhill. This garden oasis in the city offers prestige, convenience, privacy & tranquility of nature all at once.

With only 20 homes on the street, 34 Dove Lane is your golden opportunity to live, love, walk, bike, play tennis and more at Don River Valley Park or Pomona Mills Park. Last, but not least, allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by deer, birds and other beautiful living creatures who live all around you.

34 Dove Lane is a perfect turn-key home to start a new life in a very family friendly community with great schools and extra curriculum activities for your children ranging from water park activities, to skating, skiing/snowboarding, swimming, playing, hockey, soccer, tennis etc.

34 Dove Lane is an amazing investment opportunity to buy and hold as your next rental income producing property as well. This is one of the most sought-after affluent communities in Old Thornhill that perhaps you would not have been able to afford to buy into 3 years ago.  You can collect rent from A+++ quality tenants in a highly competitive rental market right now, and if you choose to sell when the market is at its peak again, you can’t go wrong.

34 Dove lane can also be once in a lifetime opportunity to design and build your next sleek, luxury dream home, and to live among a handful of professionals who stick together and watch each other’s back in a fairytale executive home setting, in a small charming town.

34 Dove Lane is easily accessible to Hwy 404/407/7 and is just minutes away from Go train and TTC. You can be anywhere within 30-40 minutes. Experience the taste of city life, or have a weekend getaway ice fishing or swimming at Lake Simcoe, or go south, north, east or west to commute to work or run your business.

Finally, once you are settled in and have some down time, make sure to wander over to Elgin St, and walk over to the Octagon restaurant. Enjoy and savour the pleasure of dining at Old Thornhill’s finest signature food establishments. You will not be disappointed!

With love and gratitude.

223 St Clair Ave West: A Treasure Hunt In Casa Loma

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It was quite a challenge to find a suitable condo for one of my client’s preferred areas: Casa Loma, one of the most charming and affluent communities in Toronto. This neighborhood is in high demand with its attractive natural landscape, rolling hills, old mature trees among others.

To get into this beautifully transformed neighborhood we really had to compete, let go of the less than functional floor plans, unreasonable price expectations, to finally find the one that was nearly perfect. The only downside was that it had no parking.

This led us to intense days of hunting for a parking spot in the area and finally succeeding in finding a parking spot right on the client’s moving date.

Yes, we found a place for my client that she can call home. It is very close to her kid’s school in the Casa Loma community, where 223 St Clair Ave West is so beautifully situated.

223 St Claire Ave West – luxury Zigg Condos development, is an 11 storey building with 163 units ranging from 472 sq. ft to 1796 sq. ft. Current unit sales prices are over $ 1,000 per sq. ft with one parking and one locker included. The current rent in the building ranges from $2,300 to $6,000 depending on the size and other features and upgrades of the unit.

The units offer elegant living space, efficient open concept layout, energy efficient floor to ceiling windows and lots of natural light among other features. The building’s amenities include a rooftop terrace with BBQ area, fireplace and an indoor bar. It also has a private fitness centre, billiard room, guest suite, pet washing station, visitor parking and a 24 hour concierge.

223 St Clair Ave West has the “wow” effect. Here you have it all, right in the neighborhood. From the historic Timothy Eaton Memorial Church across the street, to the street car at your door steps, to St Clair subway station just minutes away.

There is also the Nordheimer Ravine and Sir Winston Churchill Parks, private schools, shops, restaurants and coffee shops all around in this prestigious and tranquil community.

And that’s not all. It is also a short walk away from the one and only Casa Loma. A historic landmark built in early 1900s, Casa Loma is a neighborhood within a neighborhood in South Hill, named after Toronto’s only landmark Gothic revival castle. The homes in the area have also become the extension of the fairy tale with the oversized mansions and surrounding ravines.

With love & gratitude

Hello 1100 Lansdowne

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One of the greatest gifts in the business that I am in, is that every single time I get to dive in, time travel and explore the energy and vibe of a community, a building or a home.Last week, I had the privilege of helping one of our clients to move into one of west end’s coolest hard-loft conversions at 1100 Lansdowne Ave.

This historic Foundry Building is loaded with so much character located in the vibrant community of Davenport Village.The whole street is steeped in history, before we even enter the building. This authentic 2008 hard-loft conversion is sculpted from a former 19th century train factory. Just imagine all the fun conversations you can have with family and friends.

Inside, there is an architecturally breathtaking sun-filled communal atrium stretching approximately 16,000sq. ft throughout the whole central area. This comfortable year-round interior courtyard offers multiple sitting and relaxing areas that allow adults to hang out, read, work and more importantly kids to play. Hallways are lit by skylights in the entrance hall and give every loft a main entrance onto the shared 4-storey atrium.

The Foundry Lofts have 104 units of various sizes. The majority of the units are 2 storey lofts with 2 bedroom and 2 washrooms, most just under 1,200 square feet that are selling at mid $800,000 and renting at approximately $3,150 depending on their condition and location.The remaining units are mostly one storey units in the 729 square foot range that are selling over $700,000 and renting over $2,500 depending on their condition and location. There are some 3 storey appx. 1800-square-foot units at both ends, three 3-storey units in the middle of the west side, and a scattering of odd sized units on the ends of the building and near the entrance. These units are selling well over $1,100,000 and renting over $4,000 depending on their condition and location.

Most units offer soaring ceilings with exposed heritage brick, triple height warehouse arched windows and duct work. Residents have access to an exercise room, a media room, a party room. Visitor, resident parking and bike storage are available.

Around the corner, there is Balzac Coffee shop, Food Basics, Shoppers Drug Mart. It is just minutes away from Galleria Shopping Centre, Earls Court Park, High Park, Lansdowne Subway, Corso Italia and so much more.

1100 Lansdowne Ave is where we experience a balance of historical and modern lifestyle, rising from the scraps of Toronto’s industrial golden age to today’s modern Davenport Village neighbourhood.

With love and gratitude

1 Bloor St – How Far Can Greed Take Us?

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First impression is everything, and at 1 Bloor Street, it is where condo developer – Great Gulf totally failed to do just that, right at the iconic corner of Yonge and Bloor. Here I was at 1 Bloor St last week, the tallest building in Canada, very excited to explore the building amenities and units for the first time, and to show some units to one of my clients.

Alas, my excitement did not last long. I was at the building 30 minutes before my clients showed up to get all the keys from the lockboxes and familiarize myself with the building. The concierge directed me to take elevator E. I went and waited in the hallway next to Elevator E, just one of the 6 elevators for a 76 floor building, when there was already a long line up and wait with another concierge that gave people access to the elevators. As Elevator E wasn’t opening, I went back to the concierge and asked again whether they can give me access to P1.

To tell you the truth, at this point I was already pretty irritated by the whole process from the lineup in the hallway, to the extreme wind noise blasting through the hallway. I was shocked and could not understand how this could be possible. I was wondering how owners, tenants, and the concierge of 1 Bloor could keep calm with all those unnecessary aggravations and disturbances? Long story short, I ended up at P1, where yet another concierge asked me for my business card and RECO licence, and then he directed me to the lockboxes.

Finally, I got the keys I needed for my showings and went back to the lobby to meet with my clients. And here I was again going through the whole process of asking a concierge to get access to the floors. I asked whether I can have an entry fob (as it is usually offered by other buildings in the area) to view three units at the same time, and unfortunately I was told I had to come back each time, and they would give me access each time. It was truly comical to wait in line again and again. It took me an hour and half to show three units in one building, which usually would not take more than 30 minutes! My gracious clients were so frustrated that they suggested me not to bring any more clients to this building, as I might lose them by just showing them this building.

I came home curious to read the reviews about 1 Bloor Street, and that is when I found about the lawsuit, pool leaking, issues with the heating system, brutal fire alarms in the early hours of the a.m, not one free parking spot for residents, visitor parking sold to the retail floors management company. What was the developer of this project thinking? Did they ever consider the damage caused to the community, owners, residents and tenants? How far can the greed for more profit take them?

Here’s my two cents: never buy a pre-construction condo project from a builder/developer who does not have a long lasting history of excellence!

With love and gratitude

My 6 “Ps” Of Inspiration In Real Estate

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My archetype is ‘creator,’ and my calling is being of ‘service’. These traits have made me to be the leader and the follower I have needed to be, to serve in perfection with my imperfection. My obsession of mastering my business inside and out has allowed me to become a better version of myself and represent our clients’ interests relentlessly.

Here are the 6 “Ps” who has inspired me to be one of the shakers and movers in the industry:

1. People

I have always believed that 1+1 = 10x, simply because two powerful minds, spirits and souls can create a domino effect. The truth is, the key to any outstanding service is being able to connect to “people”, especially whom we team up and partner up with. I am proud to say that we, Vlad and I, built a team of committed people who share the same vision, mission and guiding principles. We mean what we say and make each other accountable. We build rapport and earn our clients’ trust every step of the way. Our x-factor, team culture, personal touch, listening to our clients’ needs have become our obsession to connect.

2. Price

We know our market inside and out. We are thorough and do a lot of research, gathering data based on recent similar sales and/or available listings. We stand by telling the truth to our clients about the correct pricing with confidence, whether it is to represent a seller, a buyer, a landlord or a tenant. The correct price will position our clients to win. And we have the grit to communicate it to them.

3. Product

We treat our listings like gold, and we are very selective of the properties we list, as each property represents us and becomes an extension of our brand and who we are. We showcase our listings in a way that meet needs and wants of the specific target population. We market our listings keeping in mind the turnover rates in the community, inventory levels, absorption rates, and true number days on market.

4. Process

We are obsessed with the entire process from pre to post transaction. We have built an impeccable management system to communicate with each other and with our clients from sellers to buyers, landlords and tenants with full transparency.

5. Promotion

We are matchmakers, connecting buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants. We create an incredible first and long lasting impression by taking professional photos, adding great descriptions, promoting calls to action in our weekly e-blast, social media channels, videos, blogs etc.

6. Purpose

The first time I heard that business is a spiritual journey was at Tony Robbins Business Mastery event in January of 2016. And Hell Yes, it is! I have soul searched, grown, outgrown, built a team, hired, fired, partnered up several times for my selfish needs to become a better version of myself to give, receive, and to create a wowing, unforgettable experience for our clients. Here I am, along with my business partner Vlad, reinventing myself, creating a road map and a pathway to freedom of purpose, one quarter at a time inspired by Dan Sullivan.

With love and gratitude.

Is Gratitude Shaping Us Or Chasing Us?

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2019 was indeed quite a year! I made a lot of bold decisions, took many empowering actions. I also left behind many limited beliefs that were not serving me, and felt the excitement and the fear flowing through me every single time.

I started January 1st of 2019 by taking massive actions towards transforming my lifestyle and I ended 2019 by being very intentional to remove the burden of any financial obligations weighing on my shoulders over the last couple of years. And in between, I was unstoppable taking business training, personal training, writing blogs, creating videos, taking care of my health, changing brokerages and more importantly helping, serving all my loved ones and everyone I gave my commitment to.

Here is another truth about my 2019. I shed, cleansed, got cleared more and more. My son claims that it was a year that he saw the reflection of my fear and excitement through my tears of joy and fear at the same time over and over again. In fact, I felt tense, vulnerable, pressured, confused and pulled in many directions many times. I felt like I was finishing a race, choosing between life and death and stepping into my future, jumping to another unknown.

On the finish line of 2019, in December I was away from the business for a few weeks. And all the underlying fears about what I was leaving behind started showing up. The last time I took 3 weeks off was 15 years ago. I hadn’t indeed practiced this for quite long time. Additionally, my elderly parents were alone while I was away, my business partner needed my help and my office manager was overwhelmed with the workload, and here I was in Costa Rica wanting to be worthy of experiencing the local lifestyle to see if it fits my future retirement plans or looking at business opportunities outside of the immediate business I am in.

I was now in Costa Rica loving everything about this country and trying my best to immerse and enjoy the Central American culture, social life, food etc yet being constantly anxious and distracted by the dirt roads, leaky faucets where we stayed, rental car battery dying etc.

Here is the irony, I love travelling with my son. He is so much fun to be around. However, he has been stretching my comfort zone with his fearless adventurous spirit, while I was constantly worried about the business, my clients, my parents, my partner and so on. All that, with limited communication or phone and internet access. It really felt like the world was ending and I could not do anything about it.

The gift in all that is we are now 3 weeks into the 2020, and I can look back at the past year, especially December and now I can clearly see the world is not only ending, it is giving me the opportunity to create more boundaries and clarity, to love more and care more, to give more and receive more. I can finally appreciate even more my never ending journey in the creation of the freedom of time, money, relationship and purpose.

I am so grateful that I take in abundance as it comes and let it flow naturally through me. I am so grateful that I take in the calmness that protects me against my fears and insecurity. Although one is unconscious and the other conscious, they both help me to move forward. I can shed, cleanse, give and receive as best I can.

With love and gratitude