I can say with certainty that behind every change I made in my real estate business since 2007, there was a burning desire for exponential growth. As such, the only choice for me was either to live in a “lack” or in an “abundance” of possibilities.

I have lived and worked in York Region and Toronto for the last 20 years. This allowed me to gain valuable experience on why empty nesters want to move to another area and/or change their lifestyle completely. I saw why young families want to move to other areas because of the affordability, the proximity to their parents or simply to improve the quality of their daily life, while raising their children. I learned why young professionals want to be close to their work place, and more importantly to have an active social life.

I always envisioned expanding my business to serve more clients’ needs. Being obsessed with growing my business, a few years ago I joined forces with my business partner Vlad with the intention of eventually becoming a growing communal business adventure. The 2017 shift in the real estate market was a great opportunity for Vlad and I to rethink and re-invent the sustainability of our real estate business model, among many other things.

In fact, the shift expanded our vision of growth one way, yet made us more humble and realistic in another way. We became more and more present to the gift of teaming up with like-minded business owners, and our network of partners so that we can all better serve our clients from millennials to seniors, residential property investors to commercial property investors, middle class families to affluent communities etc.

We live and breathe the “work hard, play hard“ mantra. We constantly keep growing, building, brainstorming, evaluating and giving. We also constantly improve the quality of our service, our performance, our mindset, our skills, our business relationships and our team bonding. Each little change is just the tip of the iceberg for us every day. Many things happened in our lives to allow us to be where we are today and to celebrate and learn from our successes and failures, for which we are grateful.

With love and gratitude