We are all connected and flowing with everything around us. Feng Shui is the gift of positioning different elements to optimize “Chi,” or energy. Everything is energy, isn’t it? In ancient Chinese philosophy, “Feng” means wind and “Shui” means water. 

5 Feng Shui Elements

The five elements of earth, fire, wood, metal and water are interdependent to create flow in our life according to Taoism. Feng Shui seeks to balance these five aspects in every area of our life and define where we want to focus our energy. 

The Wood Feng Shui element brings the energy of health, vitality and growth. It is an expression of abundance. Any art work with wood elements, colors or illustrations energizes our home.

The Fire Feng Shui element symbolizes passion and transformation. Candles are the expression of the fire. Let’s purify and calm the energy of our home with candles of light. 

The Earth Feng Shui grounds us. Its warm, earthy and welcoming feel brings the best energies for our bedroom combined with a bit of Fire Feng Shui. A few soft yellow pillows and a blanket sooth the mood.

The Metal Feng Shui element symbolizes logic and intelligence. It supports our mental sharpness. Bringing a metallic energy shift into our home or office space is wild yet painting our west or north west wall in a warm gray or our foyer in a shiny metallic gold is what we perhaps need to shake things up in our life.

The Water Feng Shui element symbolizes abundance, wisdom and serenity. Fountain or aquarium calms and refreshes the energy flow in our home/office space. Mirrors also bring a strong presence of the water element and change the flow of energy in our home. The only places we do not want a big mirror are in our bedroom or behind our desk.

Feng Shui Bagua Map

A Baqua is the Feng Shui energy map overlaid on the floor plan of our home. The Chinese word “Bagua” means “eight areas.” Each area relates to a different life circumstance and has corresponding shapes, colors, seasons, number, and earthly elements. The center of the Bagua, the ninth area, represents  our overall health and wellness. The Bagua map helps analyze and enhance the energy flow in a given space. The simplest way to apply the Bagua map is to draw the floor plan and place the nine-quadrant Bagua map on top of it. The doorway should face south and align with one of the bottom three squares. We can use the Bagua map on any large or small space to spread the energy flow in each quadrant.

Feng Shui Home Decor Tips

  1. Air is the essence of Feng Shui, which goes hand in hand with natural light to bring in energy flow into our home. 
  2. Cleaning the clutter allows us to clear our mind and breathe in a pure air into our home.
  3. Decorating each room with a houseplant purifies air and improves our home energy and health.
  4. Crystals are our compass: rose quartz for love, tourmaline for protection, or citrine for healing and wealth.
  5. Different shapes and forms in our home-decor creates balance, harmony and flow.
  6. Generous breathing space in our living room brings calmness and flow of the energy.
  7. Masculine and feminine details will balance out our bedroom. Cozy materials invite a restful, calming energy. Soft-colored linens smooth up a metal or wooden bed frame. Clearing under our bed helps energy flow.
  8. Positioning our desk facing the door gives us a position of power, which is important for our productivity. Adding gentle yellows and greens centers us, earth tones stabilize us and flowers remind us of our desire to accomplish.

With Love and Gratitude