I was raised in Tehran, Iran, where I watched and enjoyed the beauty of gardening in its pure simplicity in my mom, aunts and uncles’ love for planting, gardening, producing, among other things. They all have a green thumb. Yet my appreciation for gardening deepened with the admiration of my grand-father’s orchard and garden in Azerbaijan. I still remember the joyful experience from my long walk to the water spring, the delicious fruits in the orchard, and the aroma of blooming plants in the garden.

The love for gardening impacts us in so many ways. This simple pleasure of life inspires us in any living space we touch and transform.

Gardening channels our emotion, energy and focus. It gives us meaning and purpose. It involves us in an outdoor pleasing activity.

The act of gardening also heals. It lowers our stress, helps us with depression, creates a sense of fulfillment and enhances peace of mind.

It is also a way to share same passion by exchanging plants and getting help in gardening with this simple pastime together to make our life so much richer.

Gardening is a way to observe and be dazzled by all the living creatures around us. Birds, rabbits, squirrels and butterflies all make our garden fascinating to watch, as those beautiful guests live their lives  around us.

Gardens don’t need to be sophisticated nor require much land. We can grow our own garden on a balcony or in a back yard. We can choose to plant flowers, herbs, vegetables or a mixture of everything. We can even add a bird bath, bird house, or a water fountain to make our garden an oasis for these visitors.

Gardening symbolizes life with all its flavours all at the same time. It teaches us the act of love, patience and discipline, which leads us to re-birth and opportunity.

Gardening is a mindfulness meditation connecting us with nature. It creates a place of comfort and peace. It is a space to call our own when we are looking for solitude to gain confidence in ourselves. Finally, It is our gift to joyfully transform the environment around us.

Here are a few tips to tap into the healing power of gardening in our life:  

1. Connectedness

Gardening invites us to observe and connect to our creation from seeding to weeding, pruning, planting, composting, harvesting, and eating.

2. Flow

Gardening has the power to ground us in the moment. It takes us to a state of flow by occupying our left brain in tasking and our right brain in scenting the aroma of the flowers or touching the soil.

3. Journey

Gardening is a journey starting from patience to persistence and creative thinking. It accompanies us all the way and makes us breathe in “the hope” we are craving for in our daily life.

4. Living creatures

The longing to connect with other living creatures allows us to bond without the drama of human emotions. Flowers and plants are our silent companions, friends, lovers and much more.

7. Mindful meditation

Gardening has physical, emotional, spiritual healing power, which activates our six sensory system. It is in fact bringing more awareness and peace in our disconnected and dysfunctional society. It reminds us we are all one and part of the whole ecosystem.

5. Responsibility

Gardening allows us to be responsible from building garden beds, to planting, nurturing the seeds and problem solving along the way.

6. Scenery

Nature is wonderful for our mood. We can gaze at our garden and enjoy the healing benefits for days.

With Love & Gratitude

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