First impression is everything. You can spend a lot of time and money showcasing your home or you can get creative, and it could be as little as rearranging your own furniture/accent pieces, to staging certain areas of your home that may need more work. Here is how to wow potential home buyers with your home along with a checklist for the most important areas of your home.

Front Entrance

The entrance is the first impression and the invitation to potential home buyers to explore inside your home:

  • Lighten up your front entry
  • Freshly paint your front door
  • Replace the door knob if needed
  • Change the doorbell if it is not working well
  • Add a good quality welcome mat
  • Add eye-catching colourful accents that would put your guests at ease

Living Room

Resourcefulness costs nothing. With a little creativity, you can give a new vibe to your living space.

  • Keep your furniture together to create conversation areas
  • Make your coffee table attractive with a tea set on a tray and a few art books
  • Have fresh flowers in a vase to add color
  • Arrange a few decorative pillows or lamps

Dining Room

Make sure you present your dining room as the focal point of your home. Arrange it to feel spacious, comfortable and entertaining.

  • Add a centrepiece, candles, or a large vase with flowers
  • Display an attractive dining set and cutlery
  • Brighten up the room with lamps
  • Bring natural light into the room by removing heavy window treatments


Make your kitchen inviting and the centre piece of your home.

  • Place nice hand and dish soap by the sink
  • Organize the pantry and cabinets
  • Display a bowl of fresh fruit or fresh flowers
  • Add new hand towels

Master Bedroom

The bedroom needs to feel elegant and inviting.

  • Invest in new linens, good quality cotton sheets and duvets in neutral colors
  • Create a sitting area if possible
  • Organize closets and keep them neat
  • Use tasteful art to decorate walls


  • Add candles, bath oils and fragrant soaps
  • Hang some new, clean towels
  • Keep the toilet lid closed
  • Hide the cleaning supplies and garbage
  • Organize bathroom cabinets

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