Whether you just immigrated to Canada, graduated, found a new job, relocated to Toronto, sold your home, or your landlord sold their home, your term is up, you want to upsize, downsize or change neighbourhood etc, we are all facing the impact of Covid-19 pandemic even if not falling into in the high risk group.

Yes, coronavirus is spreading fast, yet life continues. You still need to find a new home, while taking all the safety precaution during this process.

Now that you have made your decision to find a long term place for you and your family,you need to hire a real estate team specializing in leases in your area of interest. Her/his professional duty to you is to represent you in finding your next dream rental home at the right time, the right place,and at the right price while ensuring your safety.

Your realtor will guide you in preparing all the required documents, filling out the rental application and emailing you the suitable listings. Once you pick out your preferred choices, you don’t need to go and view all of them yourself. Your realtor can preview these homes on your behalf, video record them for you and report back to you.

Once you have narrowed down your top two choices from that selection, then it is the time to go and see them in person. Your realtor can arrange a viewing and finalize the missing details from previous, remote/virtual previews. During showings, take all the mandatory precautions and also make sure your realtor is taking all the same precautions as well.

Make sure to wear a disposable face mask and/or gloves, wash your hands and use sanitizers closest to the entrance door/lobby on your way in and out. Refrain from touching the door handles, light switches and railings. Have your realtor open all doors and turn on and off the lights for you. You are there just to observe, ask questions and make decisions.

Once you have made your choice, you are ready to e-sign the lease agreement to secure your perfect rental home. Make the smart choice. Hire a real estate team who cares about you and your safety and thinks outside of the box, and most importantly delivers the results, no matter what’ is going on around us.

With Love & Gratitude,

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