We are in the era of experiencing extreme shifts in different areas of our life from health risks to job insecurity, natural disasters, racial conflicts, poverty and so on.

We live in a fast-paced society where we consume, collect and live in duplicity, a different life around our family, colleagues, friends or neighbours. Surprisingly we are ok with all that and carrying a mask throughout and seeking for others approval depending on our circumstances.

Despite all of this, one of the biggest gifts of life in the last few months was the ability to disconnect ourselves from the external noise we are poisoned with. This gift is internal and helps us find freedom and unity within our soul. It is dependable and simple. It brings authenticity and allow us to listen to our heart. It impacts our relationship with the world all around us.

Now, that the quietness whispers more and more in our ears, we can reflect on who we are, what we really want and design the environment that supports our vision, purpose, and intention with responsibility and sustainability. This need for clarity is nurturing what we most value for an essentialist living.

The Way of the essentialist is about the quest of the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. It’s about challenging the idea of “we can have it all or do it all”. Essentialist living is the pursuit of essential simplicity to obtain control of our own choices towards what matters. It is a mindset, a concept, an idea whose time has come. It is the ageless way of living to become it.

To be an essentialist, we intentionally create the time and the space to

  • explore deep thinking and deep work to say YES to things that we care about.
  • eliminate the non-essential and dare to say “no” confidently, purposefully, and graciously even if it makes us unpopular.
  • create boundaries and breathing room in our life to execute on our ideas more effectively.
  •  practice state of flow with state of focus.

Essentialism at home is creating that inspired environment that we desire to live in, so we can blossom in its simplicity. It means designing our home with layers of comfort, love and beauty. It is making room for what’s essential. It is observing and examining our home, our lifestyle and our attitude from an objective perspective. The more we view the details of our lives unfiltered, the more clearly we see what we want to change or eliminate from our lives, so we can live in the absence of visual noise.

Essentialism is being grateful for what we have. It is living with things we really need and focusing on the convenience and ease our belongings bring to our life.  It is removing anything that distracts us from living with intentionality and purpose.

Essentialism is not a trend nor an imposed style. It is perfection in its own imperfection. It is real, unpretentious and relatable. It can be different for everyone. It is as unique as we are. Nothing more, nothing less.

Essentialist living  has been my calling, my inspiration, my expression of living without having a name for it for decades.

Here are 9 tips to bring home essentialist living into our life:

  1. Painting our walls with soothing colors creates a simple clean space to feel calm throughout our home.
  2. Setting up a practical and functional space to read, reflect, listen to music, meditate, journal, have conversations, keeps our intentions alive.
  3. Calming our bedroom and making it a delightful oasis rejuvenates us. This room is our haven on earth.
  4. Mixing up textures and elements to add functionality, beauty and variety keeps  our space inspiring.
  5. Enriching our surroundings with indoor plants aligns us with nature in a harmonious way.
  6. Using well-placed accessories, to act as finishing touches, pulls our room together. Accent pieces are absolutely critical to every room’s success.
  7. Our creative storage solutions are vital to present and accommodate our lived-in interiors stuff and belongings. 
  8. Letting go or simply moving the objects around creates the flow of energy that suits us.
  9. Displaying meaningful objects in our home inspires us, refreshes our soul and makes us happy. Our home becomes a reflection of who we are as a whole. As such a decor without purpose lacks personality and has no power. Sometimes, it even takes all our power.

What is your calling and your way of living?

With Love and Gratitude!