2019 was indeed quite a year! I made a lot of bold decisions, took many empowering actions. I also left behind many limited beliefs that were not serving me, and felt the excitement and the fear flowing through me every single time.

I started January 1st of 2019 by taking massive actions towards transforming my lifestyle and I ended 2019 by being very intentional to remove the burden of any financial obligations weighing on my shoulders over the last couple of years. And in between, I was unstoppable taking business training, personal training, writing blogs, creating videos, taking care of my health, changing brokerages and more importantly helping, serving all my loved ones and everyone I gave my commitment to.

Here is another truth about my 2019. I shed, cleansed, got cleared more and more. My son claims that it was a year that he saw the reflection of my fear and excitement through my tears of joy and fear at the same time over and over again. In fact, I felt tense, vulnerable, pressured, confused and pulled in many directions many times. I felt like I was finishing a race, choosing between life and death and stepping into my future, jumping to another unknown.

On the finish line of 2019, in December I was away from the business for a few weeks. And all the underlying fears about what I was leaving behind started showing up. The last time I took 3 weeks off was 15 years ago. I hadn’t indeed practiced this for quite long time. Additionally, my elderly parents were alone while I was away, my business partner needed my help and my office manager was overwhelmed with the workload, and here I was in Costa Rica wanting to be worthy of experiencing the local lifestyle to see if it fits my future retirement plans or looking at business opportunities outside of the immediate business I am in.

I was now in Costa Rica loving everything about this country and trying my best to immerse and enjoy the Central American culture, social life, food etc yet being constantly anxious and distracted by the dirt roads, leaky faucets where we stayed, rental car battery dying etc.

Here is the irony, I love travelling with my son. He is so much fun to be around. However, he has been stretching my comfort zone with his fearless adventurous spirit, while I was constantly worried about the business, my clients, my parents, my partner and so on. All that, with limited communication or phone and internet access. It really felt like the world was ending and I could not do anything about it.

The gift in all that is we are now 3 weeks into the 2020, and I can look back at the past year, especially December and now I can clearly see the world is not only ending, it is giving me the opportunity to create more boundaries and clarity, to love more and care more, to give more and receive more. I can finally appreciate even more my never ending journey in the creation of the freedom of time, money, relationship and purpose.

I am so grateful that I take in abundance as it comes and let it flow naturally through me. I am so grateful that I take in the calmness that protects me against my fears and insecurity. Although one is unconscious and the other conscious, they both help me to move forward. I can shed, cleanse, give and receive as best I can.

With love and gratitude