My archetype is ‘creator,’ and my calling is being of ‘service’. These traits have made me to be the leader and the follower I have needed to be, to serve in perfection with my imperfection. My obsession of mastering my business inside and out has allowed me to become a better version of myself and represent our clients’ interests relentlessly.

Here are the 6 “Ps” who has inspired me to be one of the shakers and movers in the industry:

1. People

I have always believed that 1+1 = 10x, simply because two powerful minds, spirits and souls can create a domino effect. The truth is, the key to any outstanding service is being able to connect to “people”, especially whom we team up and partner up with. I am proud to say that we, Vlad and I, built a team of committed people who share the same vision, mission and guiding principles. We mean what we say and make each other accountable. We build rapport and earn our clients’ trust every step of the way. Our x-factor, team culture, personal touch, listening to our clients’ needs have become our obsession to connect.

2. Price

We know our market inside and out. We are thorough and do a lot of research, gathering data based on recent similar sales and/or available listings. We stand by telling the truth to our clients about the correct pricing with confidence, whether it is to represent a seller, a buyer, a landlord or a tenant. The correct price will position our clients to win. And we have the grit to communicate it to them.

3. Product

We treat our listings like gold, and we are very selective of the properties we list, as each property represents us and becomes an extension of our brand and who we are. We showcase our listings in a way that meet needs and wants of the specific target population. We market our listings keeping in mind the turnover rates in the community, inventory levels, absorption rates, and true number days on market.

4. Process

We are obsessed with the entire process from pre to post transaction. We have built an impeccable management system to communicate with each other and with our clients from sellers to buyers, landlords and tenants with full transparency.

5. Promotion

We are matchmakers, connecting buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants. We create an incredible first and long lasting impression by taking professional photos, adding great descriptions, promoting calls to action in our weekly e-blast, social media channels, videos, blogs etc.

6. Purpose

The first time I heard that business is a spiritual journey was at Tony Robbins Business Mastery event in January of 2016. And Hell Yes, it is! I have soul searched, grown, outgrown, built a team, hired, fired, partnered up several times for my selfish needs to become a better version of myself to give, receive, and to create a wowing, unforgettable experience for our clients. Here I am, along with my business partner Vlad, reinventing myself, creating a road map and a pathway to freedom of purpose, one quarter at a time inspired by Dan Sullivan.

With love and gratitude.