What an overwhelming month we had in March! We all follow the news while witnessing the world of insecurity and uncertainty in our life:

  • Unemployment rate soaring from 5.6% to 15% by the end of this year!
  • Federal deficit spiking from $26.6 billion to $113 billion by the next fiscal year!
  • Oil prices dropping nearly 5% for a fifth straight weekly loss!
  • Gas prices are down to 72.9 cents a litre!
  • Canada’s Central Bank is making another unscheduled rate cut to bring its key interest target down to a crisis-level low, the lowest level that a rate can be set!
  • The Bank of Canada is purchasing $242 million of mortgage-backed securities, keeping a promise to purchase as much as $500 million of those securities per week to ensure a steady source of demand in a market that banks rely on to backstop their mortgage lending!
  • The Central Bank is adding $20 billion of bankers’ acceptances to its portfolio through a separate program meant to keep cash flowing in a market that underpins a source of small-business finance!
  • The Central Bank is also announcing the creation of two new programs that it hopes will help ensure the money system is set, so any worthy consumer or business that needs cash can get access to it!

We are connected to our family and friends around the world, to our clients, to our community, to our colleagues, to our network of partners, and we feel the same wave of uncertainty resonating everywhere. We see and hear people:

  • Being diagnosed with Coronavirus, stuck in quarantine or simply having anxiety attacks because of all the chaos around us!
  • Being on forced vacations and/or being laid off!
  • Moving or just relocating to Canada confused without any job opportunities, or permanent shelter!
  • Having sold their home and don’t know what to do now: buy or rent? If renting: short term or long term? And how?
  • Struggling financially beyond their limit!

We then wake up with the burning desire and never ending obligations to:

  • Appreciate the gift of silence and social distancing!
  • Believe in the power of NOW and enjoy the moment!
  • Connect with our bodies, minds and souls with power!
  • Connect with our circle of family, friends, clients, and colleagues with generosity!
  • Protect our loved ones, our community, our country, our planet!
  • Reconnect, rethink, and create!
  • Stay centred, focused and positive

With love and gratitude