Did you know that the village of Yorkville was established in 1830 by Joseph Bloor and William Jarvis? Did you also know that he village was annexed by the city of Toronto in 1883?

Isn’t it inspiring that the village of Yorkville has flourished over centuries from neglected Victorian-style homes to today’s vibrant area where the coffee houses, the spirit of hippie culture, nonconformity, unconventional ideas, poetry readings, art exhibitions, fashion shows, sensational nights with live music and greatest musicians, came to life in late 60s? Isn’t it impressive that Yorkville village became the manifestation of the hippy generation from fantasy to reality, from creating influential art and culture to building elite businesses in Toronto’s downtown core?

Yorkville is Toronto’s escape to experience luxury, audaciousness, elegance, fine food, arts,shows, music, culture all at the same time. Here, you feel history with the firehall, built in 1876 beside the long-gone town hall. You’ll fall in love with the 105-year-old quaintly situated Yorkville Public Library.

Take the pleasure of spending a couple of hours of your time at Toronto Reference Library with its extraordinary collection of reference materials, rare books, magazines, music, art gallery, manuscripts, talks and workshops while enjoying your coffee at Balzac’s Café.

You will be in awe of the Yorkville Park, which highlights the park’s centrepiece, the 650-ton rock,over one billion years old. The Yorkville Park sets a peaceful presence with its bistro tables, wooden boardwalk around the marshy terrain, and a waterfall known as The Rain Curtain.

There is more nature here than you think, you can explore nature through Ramsden Park trails in the Rosedale Ravine. Yorkville is ideal for you whether you are an empty-nester or young professional. It is far enough from downtown to avoid traffic, yet close enough to commute to work in just a few minutes, as the neighbourhood is directly connected to both subway lines and several buses.

If you are a young growing family and want to have it all, you’ll fit in just fine: All is at your fingertips, from the privileged address to parks, shopping and the amazing private and public schools within Yorkville’s borders (Jesse Ketchum Junior and Senior, Fraser College Catholic Senior School, the Rosedale Day School, Blyth Academy, McDonald International Academy etc). No wonder, I am in love with Yorkville. Which area is calling you?

With Love and Gratitude